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MacSeniors Exercise and Wellness Program

MacSeniors exercise and wellness program offers supervised aerobic and resistance training for community members who are 55 years of age and older. Personalized programs are designed for specialized exercise equipment based on the needs and fitness levels of each participant.


MacSeniors Exercise and Wellness Program

Our goal is to help seniors regain and maintain cardiovascular fitness, and muscle strength and endurance, which will prolong their mobility and independence. It’s not always possible to add years to your life, but we make it possible to add life to your years.

Community members have participated in our MacSeniors program for more than 20 years. The program began following completion of a research study examining the effects of long-term resistance training on dynamic strength, exercise capacity, muscle and bone. Participants in the study’s exercise and control groups were invited to continue with aerobic and resistance training at McMaster.

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PACE Reimbursement Policy: Our standard reimbursement policy is to credit membership and parking fees when a participant has been absent from PACE for a minimum of one month. These fees are credited as an extension of the participant’s respective accounts. Alternatively, if a participant chooses to leave the program, a refund is issued for any unused services of one month or more.