Dr. Ada Tang PT, Ph.D.

Ada Tang PT, Ph.D.

My research is focused on exercise and cardiovascular health among people with stroke and other neurological conditions, particularly as these relate to cardiovascular risk factors and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

In Canada, there are 50,000 new cases of stroke each year, or about 1 stroke every 10 minutes. Stroke affects different people in different ways. Many people continue to live with physical and cognitive effects of stroke, which can contribute to limited mobility, physical inactivity, and sedentary behaviours. This can lead to higher risk for developing cardiovascular disease or having another stroke.

Exercise and regular physical activity has the potential to mediate many cardiovascular risk factors and may be effective for primary and secondary prevention of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Our research examines the physiological effects of exercise and physical activity after stroke, refining protocols for exercise testing and training, investigating the effects of broader, holistic health promotion approach to improving cardiovascular health, and examining the effects of physical activity on primary and secondary events. This work contributes to our knowledge regarding effective strategies to improve the health and lives of people at risk for stroke and those living with the effects of stroke.

Dr. Tang's Research

CHAMpS Study

Cardiovascular Health And Mobility across a spectrum of Stroke risk (CHAMpS) study aims to gain a better understanding of factors that impact a person’s risk for future stroke. Read More

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