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Active Living Leaders is a threepart training program with the goal of helping you to develop into a peer mentor who is able to use the latest physical activity knowledge, sport resources, and transformational leadership principles to inform and motivate adults living with physical disabilities to lead more active lives. In other words, the goal of this program is to help you be an informed and confident champion of physical activity within your community.

By the end of the Active Living Leaders Peer Mentor Training Program, you will know and understand:

1.The latest physical activity knowledge for people with a disability;

2. Where a person with a disability can get information on sport participation, as well as the resources available to them if they want to use sport as a way of staying active;

3. Some of the barriers people with physical disabilities face when it comes to being active, as well as some coping strategies they can employ in order to overcome those barriers; and

4. Some basic information on transformational leadership, a leadership style that looks to maximize the quality of the relationship with others. Transformational leader empower those who they lead and encourage them to go beyond what they thought was originally possible.
Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion from SCI Action Canada.

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