Message from Prof. Stuart Phillips

I am pleased and proud to be appointed as the new Director of PACE. My history at McMaster and my ties to what is now PACE extend back to my undergraduate and early graduate years when the ‘PACE’ was a small room (now part of our undergraduate teaching labs) with several weightlifting machines and a few stationary bikes! MacTurtles ran out of that room and was eventually expanded to include what are now the MacSeniors. The genesis of the MacSeniors was a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Health to Dr. Neil McCartney that gave rise to two seminal publications on the benefits of exercise for older persons. Then came the MacWheelers the origins of which were a grant to Dr.’s Neil McCartney and Audrey Hicks. I have watched as humble beginnings have turned into a vibrant University-community partnership that is the embodiment of the physical, psychological, and social virtues of being physically active regardless of your age or ability. The PACE now boasts more than 500 community members, 5 programs, 24 paid staff, and more than 100 student volunteers donating an average of more than 200 hours per week. Times have changed! With change, however, comes challenge, uncertainty, and oftentimes frustration. Nonetheless, change is also the only path for growth and the realization of real opportunity; I don’t think you can embrace the latter without accepting the former. I look forward to rising to the challenges and dealing with the uncertainties as we grow and open ourselves to new opportunities.

Professor Stuart Phillips, Ph.D., FACN, FACSM
Director, PACE

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