Senior Fitness Test Day

We are excited to host the first Senior Fitness Test (SFT) on November 10 th and 11th at the PACE centre! Members have signed up for their sessions times and are looking forward to performing the tests and getting their report cards! Participation in the Senior Fitness Test is free.

The Senior Fitness Test (SFT) is a group of 6 test items that measure the functional fitness of older adults. It is a way to measure your physical capacity to perform normal, everyday activities and to continue doing the things you want and need to do to stay strong, active and independent.

By participating in the SFT, you will learn more about your personal level of fitness. You can use your scores to: track your fitness over time, identify areas you would like to or need to improve on, refocus your exercise routine(s).

Kinesiology students and staff will be administering the test items. Students will be supervised by a registered physiotherapist during all testing sessions.

Interpretation and social with refreshments will be available at the end of the SFT.

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